Ghost Forest

Above is a Pine Creek Forestry Produced pilot video. This video was created to support the Atlantic White Cedar Initiative and to assist in the education of the broader public.  It is our hopes that creative materials will benefit society in terms of awareness of the true state of our forests.  Check it out by clicking the image above! More to come.


Stockton Prescribed Fire

Robert Williams, of Pine Creek Forestry, shares the impacts of forest management during a controlled burn on Stockton's campus March 18.


A Forest Imperiled

This video is about Atlantic White-cedar. The resources historic ties to humanity, the modern day values it provides, and the pressures responsible for decline of the species. If you would like more information, or would like to get involved contact us!


A Working Forest

Excerpt from "A Working Forest, its future with Fire, People & Wildlife." Documentary about sustainable forest management. Regions: South Jersey. Georgia. South Carolina. Wisconsin and more. Special thanks to host, Chuck Leavell. 64 min. DVD available at:



Northern Bobwhite populations declined by 82% between 1966 and 2010, one of the most dramatic declines in the U.S. Together, with our partners, the New Jersey Audubon is leading the way to restore Northern Bobwhite quail to New Jersey. We are just in the first few months of a 3 year long project.


Pine Valley Golf Club Prescribed Fire Management

A quick look into the operations and ecology of prescribed fire management in New Jersey. Ecologically, fire is an important disturbance regime that renews and restores plant communities, reduces fuels, and mitigates risk.


Introducing Dr. Jerry Franklin At Forestry Forum

Bob introduces world renowned Forest Ecologist, Dr. Jerry F. Franklin at the 1st Annual Charles Newlon Forestry Forum. Dr. Franklin is the author of Ecological Forest Management, a book of which we highly recommend for its ethos; first and foremost we should manage forest ecosystems for integrity, the ecological values and functions they provide, wood production can be secondary to our primary mission.